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As a Naughty Lifestyle Expert (NLE,) everything I do is naughty, including the way I decorate. To me, my home isn't just somewhere to live, it's a place where I can express my personality, like a sanctuary which evokes memories of past travels and exicting experiences. My specialty is collecting erotic art, from sexy pictures and paintings to sensual statues, plates and coasters etc. Basically, my home is an extension of who I am, so it's important to surround myself with sensual, erotic decor - anything which stimulates all of my senses and helps me live a naughty lifestyle, 24/7.

How to turn your home into a naughty oasis

Turn Your Home Into a Naughty Oasis | Naughty LA Turn Your Home Into a Naughty Oasis | Naughty LA

Think about what inspires you

The first step to acquiring the 'Naughty Home Look' is to think about what turns you on or stimulates your senses. This doesn't have to be explicit, it can be something as innocent as a glamorous picture of your favorite vintage movie star (think Marilyn or Rita or whoever channels your inner goddess) or a painting of a beautiful flower. Wood Lotus, for instance, is a gorgeously sensual flower which not only symbolizes fertility in Eastern religions, but also looks erotic, like a vagina. Play around with different textures - buy wood carvings instead of standard paintings, for instance, or use mixed media to create an artful talking point. Chrome, glass and mirrors are three materials which scream sex and sophistication.

Naughty Erotic Home Decorating | Naughty LA Naughty Erotic Home Decorating | Naughty LA

Erotic doesn't have to mean vulgar

Because I travel a lot, I like to collect naughty mementoes from the places I visit. These souvenirs help me write about my naughty escapades and are a delicious reminder of naughty times I've had around the world. But erotic art doesn't have to mean anything gross or distasteful. In fact it's quite the opposite. Erotic art is sensual, visually stimulating and often understated and subtle. An image which ignites the imagination can be a lot more powerful than something which is too overt or over the top. Items which have historical significance, or tell a story, will add to the naughtiness. I possess a lot of items which I proudly display on the walls or in glass cases (like my vintage vibrator collection!,) and they always get people talking. And some of my objects aren't naughty at all but sexy, they're simply beautiful pieces which inspire erotic thoughts, like my red and gold tea set I bought while holidaying in The Maldives Islands. Every time I look at it, it makes me feel sexy.

Naughty Home Decorating Get Inspired | Naughty LA Naughty Home Decorating Get Inspired | Naughty LA

Get inspired

The erotic art I collect is always beautiful, stimulating and classy. Because I love history, I look to ancient artworks for inspiration on how to decorate my home. I even have replicas of items you'd find in famous museums, such as Antonio Canova's "The Three Graces;" a marble statue of the Greek goddesses Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia, the original of which you'd find in The Hermitage in St Petersburg. This is a very classical, tasteful piece which just oozes sensuality. But I also like to contrast classical erotic art with more colorful examples. Coubert's "Origin of the World," for instance, is a famous mid 19th-century painting showing a naturally hairy female nude. It might seem quite a blatant piece, but the fact that the woman's face and one of her breasts are covered, makes it incredibly erotic. I saw the original in Paris's Musee d'Orsay and I have a photo of it hanging in my powder room alongside lots of other nudes - the perfect sexy environment for when I'm getting ready for a night out.

Naughty Home Decorating Details | Naughty LA Naughty Home Decorating Details | Naughty LA

It's all in the detail

Not all my erotic souvenirs are big, bold statements. I like to collect smaller things, too, especially functional items I can use in everyday life. For instance, I have lots of plates and coasters from around the world depicting erotic art such as Klimt's famous "Judith I" to ancient Kama Sutra-esque illustrations from Babylon and Mesopotamia. Having a guest rest their coffee cup on a picture of people having anal sex is bound to start a conversation or two! I even house my herbal tea collection in a wooden box decorated with erotic Japanese scenes. For a naughty evening with a lover, I like to get out my naughty playing cards which show images of threesomes, oral sex and mutual masturbation. Playing strip poker where we have to replicate what's being shown on the cards, is a very naughty way to spend an evening! I love discovering souvenirs like these when I'm on my travels and because my friends know about my collection, they often bring me back naughty gifts from their own holidays.

Naughty Home Decorating Play With Themes | Naughty LA Naughty Home Decorating Play With Themes | Naughty LA

Play with themes

Try arranging your art into areas which have a theme. For instance, I have a wall dedicated to vintage 1920s erotic photography, plus a corner containing all my Eastern objects like Buddhas, Indian paintings and candles. Co-ordinate color schemes to create moods, such as arranging all your cool white and cream pieces together to evoke calm and relaxation, while a red and black corner will induce Parisian passion and decadence. I have dozens of erotic black and white photographs from Paris, all framed individually, which makes a visually stunning and sexy display. Mood-wise, my bedroom and bathroom are havens of white peace and chandeliered luxury, while my living area is practical yet sensuous and chic.

Naughty Home Personalize Your Place | Naughty LA Naughty Home Personalize Your Place | Naughty LA

Personalize your space

I love owning art which is unique, and a great way to do this is by personalizing it so you know nobody else will have the same thing. For example, when I was in Paris, I visited the Moulin Rouge - one of the sexiest places in the world - and, as a souvenir, I had special matchbooks made with my face on them, taken during my visit. Every time I light a candle or incense stick, I am reminded of that trip. I also have sculptures of my pussy placed around my home - beautiful, artful models which are incredibly erotic, especially as not everybody who sees them knows the pussy is actually mine!

So if you're looking to sex up your home, remember to include all your senses in your choice of decor. Make your space somewhere that reveals parts of your naughty personality and will invoke a sexy mood, day or night.

~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles

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