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Glow Like A Goddess | Naughty LA

Glow Like A Goddess

Los Angeles is a famously glamorous city, full of beautiful people, great weather, and a thousand and one things to do if you're out to have fun and meet new people. I love living here, especially because I'm surrounded by amazing spas, salons and stores that keep me feeling, and looking, like a million dollars all day long. While I always like to emphasize how important it is to feel beautiful and confident from the inside, there's nothing wrong with spoiling yourself a little on the outside, too. So I thought I'd share with you a few of my beauty secrets, and where I go to get them.

Facial and Spray Tan at Glow Skin in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Facial & Spray Tan

Glow Skincare

Everybody looks good with a tan, but you don't have to put your health under threat by spending hours in the sun. Aside from the obvious risks, the sun can prematurely age your skin. But that doesn't mean you can't get a fabulous, healthy glow. Fake tanning is big business, and there are lots of alternatives to choose from. My favorite place to go is Glow, where they do a brilliant organic spray tan for as little as $35. If you invest in a package of 3 or more services, you get a 20% discount, too, so what's not to like?

Naughty Body Scrub at Exhale Spa in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Body Scrub

Exhale Spa

Exfoliation is ultra-important because it rids the skin of dead cells (our skin regenerates so quickly, we have a new layer of dead skin cells appearing every day) and increases blood flow, which is what gives us that fabulous glow. You should always have a body scrub handy in your bathroom, which you should use about two to three times a week. Having freshly exfoliated skin makes it super-soft to the touch, and there's nothing better than 'wearing' a natural layer of velvet every day.

Also, exfoliating is essential if you're thinking about getting a spray or other fake tan, otherwise the tan clings to dead cells and that's when streaking occurs. So by incorporating a body scrub into your daily routine, your skin is always going to be ready for some serious pampering.

The scrub I recommend is Exhale Spa's signature glow body scrub therapy. You can get this applied professionally at their spa, which incorporates dry brushing, the scrub, and a post-scrub antioxidant moisturizer. The effects last for ages and you'll leave the spa feeling so much lighter - it's like they've scrubbed away a thousand layers of very heavy skin. Perfect preparation for a first date, or even if you just want to treat yourself - you don't need an excuse after all!

The Naughty Girls Guide

Naughty Waxing at Frilly Lilly in Los Angeles | Naughty LA


Frilly Lilly

Glowing like a goddess doesn't just mean taking care of your legs, face, arms and all the other areas of your body that people can see. It's about getting intimate, too, and making sure you shine all over. Whilst I'm not saying that everybody has to be hair-free, it's important to stay tidy, at the very least. The best way to get that sexy, soft glow is to wax your coochie. Removing hair makes your kitty cat extra soft and you'll feel fresh and horny instantly. There's a great salon in Santa Monica called Frilly Lilly which specializes in bikini care, and they've got a luxurious range of aftercare oils and lotions which smell just divine and have deep moisturizing properties just where you need them.

What's extra-great about this salon is that they have a range of treatments - it's not just the all-out Brazilian. You can get an Hawaiian wax (about 90% removal,) a Canadian wax (about 50%, so it's shapely but not nude,) and then there's the Alaskan wax, which keeps you tidy and neat, but warm in winter!

Naughty Nail Bar at Four Seasons in Los Angeles | Naughty LA


Four Seasons Nail Bar

When it comes to my nails, I don't do anything half-hearted. A woman's hands are prized assets, so I always look after them, whether it's applying hand cream several times daily, getting a hand massage, or making sure my nails look fabulous. You can tell a lot by a person's hands; even guys should get into the habit of using hand cream to keep their skin soft - rough skin is not attractive. It's the same with feet. You might not see your feet as often as your hands, but keeping feet soft and touchable means you'll stay sexy from head to toe, literally.

For movie star nails, there's only one place to go - the Four Seasons Nail Bar. It's the ultimate in Beverly Hills manicure decadence and just sitting here as someone attends to my hands, makes me feel special and pampered. Check out their Classic Manicure which offers a luxurious vanilla almond hand soak, cuticle shaping, moisturizing and color. Or go deluxe and add in a coconut & pearl exfoliation plus paraffin hand treatment.

When I'm between colors, I like to just get a polish-free manicure; the massage, lotions and shaping but without a color. This gives my nails time to breathe, but my hands still look and feel amazing.

Naughty Makeup at Blushington in Los Angeles | Naughty LA



Nothing says 'goddess' quite like a makeover, and LA is the perfect place for that movie star treatment. I go to Blushington on Sunset - a bright, contemporary salon which offers a huge range of affordable makeovers for every occasion. You don't have to be going on a date, or even going out at all. Sometimes I just come here to treat myself - no occasion necessary! You can get full face makeovers for around $45, or just eyes-only ($30,) On-the-go ($20 basic) or simple lash and brow waxing, tinting and extensions. They also do a mobile service called The Blush Up - perfect for weddings and parties. I love the Airbrush Foundation they do here which has me looking magazine-perfect in minutes.

Naughty Hair Salon at Ken Paves in Los Angeles | Naughty LA


Ken Paves Salon

LA is packed full of celebrity hairdressers but I always go to Ken Paves Hair Salon in Beverly Hills, where a magical and super sweet hairdresser named Chloe works wonders with my locks. All the stylists at Ken Paves have their regular, loyal client base, so this is always a good sign, and I've never been disappointed here. Over the years I've had everything done here, and I always leave looking gorgeous. Highlights and color are Chloe's specialty, and there's just nowhere else I'd go to get that golden, sun-kissed LA look. Ken Paves has styled everyone from Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, to Jessica & Ashlee Simpson, so this is one celebrity hairdresser who delivers on all the promises.

Naughty At-Home Treatment | Naughty LA

At-Home Treatment


I absolutely love GlamGlow Youthmud® Tingleexfoliate Treatment! I discovered this product when I was holidaying in The Maldives Islands...I had no idea they were based in Hollywood. Ever since then I've been using this product twice a week and have recommended it to tons of friends who now use it.

This mask/exfoliant is amazing! Apply it by scrubbing it around on your face like an exfoliant but instead of washing it off, leave it on your face for 10 minutes while it works its magic. I promise that once you remove the mask after 10 minutes, your face will feel baby soft. It's amazing how much it exfoliates away your dead skin leaving your skin super soft. When I first tried it, I couldn't stop touching my face.

Note: make sure to keep the lid closed tight because if you don't, the product will dry out. If this happens just add water to it. Or you can buy small tube sizes for $10 on Amazon that won't dry out as quickly. There are other products in the GlamGlow collection, which I've tried, but this one is their best.

~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA
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