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Los Angeles's  Sexiest Hair Salons | Naughty LA

LA's Sexiest Hair Salons

Every Naughty Girl knows that a good way to feel instantly sexy and glamorous is to get your hair done. A good pampering session can make us feeling sexy and seductive, as well as making us look like a million dollars. But don't just choose any salon, or go to the regular place you've been using for years. Your hair is a vital part of your sexual character, so it makes sense to go all out and make a fuss of your luscious locks. Finding a salon that looks and feels sexy to you, is a good indicator of how they're going to make you look afterwards. Here are a few of my favorite sexy salons, places I guarantee will put you in a naughty mood for the rest of the day!

Los Angeles's Sexiest Hair Salons Roman Salon | Naughty LA

Roman Salon


818 N. La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles

Luxury salon in West Hollywood. They specialize in color correction, and also do the fabulous 'Brazilian Blowout' hair straightening technique. The surroundings are swish and elegant, with a real vintage, Italianate feel. The salon is two storey, and overlooks a beautiful courtyard with comfy sofas, a water fountain, and gorgeous greenery. Inside, there are flatscreen TVs, crystal chandeliers, chocolate tile floors and, best of all, a silver tray service. Indulge in champagne and canapes, as you sit back and enjoy the very best in Hollywood hair styling and treatments. A real indulgent treat.

Los Angeles's Sexiest Hair Salons Andy Lecompte Salon | Naughty LA

Andy Lecompte Salon


616 N Almont Dr.
Los Angeles

This West Hollywood salon is super-sexy, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. It has a bit of a boudoir feel, with an impressive, quilted reception desk, a Chesterfield sofa in the waiting area, and cute styling chairs, plus some great art. I love coming here for a keratin rejuvenation treatment, and sitting back as beautiful, topless women stare down at me from the walls. It really puts me in a naughty mood, so by the time I walk out of there, I'm hot to trot. The staff are so friendly, and will really put you at ease. They're genuinely interested in you, too, so you'll feel appreciated and definitely want to return. If you love art, you'll get value for money, not just by the way they'll do you hair, but by the genuine Warhols, Rauschenbergs and Minters adorning the salon.

Los Angeles's Sexiest Hair Salons Cristophe Salon | Naughty LA

Cristophe Salon


348 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills

Cristophe is a complete Hollywood legend. He's styled everybody in the movie and music businesses, but he's just as enthusiastic about getting his styling scissors on single girls like you and I! Inside, it's a haven of huge, white mirrors, white walls, white seats and some carefully placed greenery. It's like sitting inside a Greek temple, while Zeus (Cristophe) transforms you into a goddess. Service is exceptional, they really do make you feel like (Hollywood) royalty, and even though you might need to save up for a while before booking, you will absolutely not regret it. Long hair is a specialty here, so if you're a Malibu beach babe who needs to look silky and shiny all day long, this is your kind of place.

Los Angeles's Sexiest Hair Salons Shin Salon | Naughty LA

Shin Salon


1025 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica

Intimate but modern salon with a Korean flavor. Bright red wooden cottage style from the outside, but inside it's a gorgeous, bright, minimalistic salon with fiery red dragons painted onto the walls, and plenty of calming colors and artwork. It's a hair salon-cum-feng shui masterclass in here, so you're not just getting a sexy cut and blow, you're harnessing some serious positive energy, too. Owner Shin An believes that hair should be treated as any other medium, so it can be crafted into a work of art. This oasis sits right in the heart of Santa Monica, so expect an arty, Bohemian vibe and a level of luxury to rival anything New York or Vegas has to offer. They also offer pampering packages in their Beauty Bungalow, if you really want to splash out.

Los Angeles's Sexiest Hair Salons Juan Juan Salon | Naughty LA

Juan Juan Salon


9667 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills

Super-chic salon in Beverly Hills with a cool white interior and a Modernist style which screams clean lines and efficiency. They don't do glitz, glamor or bling here, so you can just sit back and relax in the comfortable brown leather chairs and let your stylist go to work. The team is young and handsome, so if you want a style that's cutting edge and bang on trend, Juan Juan Salon will have it covered. A great salon for energizing you and preparing you for that first date you have planned later. They also have a Brentwood salon which offers additional spa services, if you want to make a day of it.

Los Angeles's Sexiest Hair Salons Hairroin Salon | Naughty LA

Hairroin Salon


1520 N Cahuenga Blvd. Suite 2

Come here when you need a fix of some pure Hollywood glamour. This salon is a triumph of monochrome styling, from the shiny black floor and chandeliers to the black and white striped walls and huge gilt-edged mirrors. Everything is shiny, sleek and spotless and it kind of reminds me of old 1940s Hollywood and that late Art Deco phase of interior design, which can make any naughty girl feel sexy while getting her hair done.

Los Angeles's Sexiest Hair Salons Nine Zero One Salon | Naughty LA

Nine Zero One Salon


8469 Melrose Place
West Hollywood

Sitting right in the heart of Celeb-Land, this salon always makes a fuss of you, whether you're famous or not. Everything's brand new, from the funky exterior to the fresh, floral, high-ceilinged and uncluttered interior. They haven't been here long, so now's the time to take advantage of their hospitality and shiny new fixtures and fittings. It's not as stuffy as some LA salons can be, they're genuinely committed to giving every client a high end experience and their colorists are some of the best in the business. If you like your hair salons to be feminine, fragrant and fresh, then Nine Zero One delivers on all fronts.

Los Angeles's Sexiest Hair Salons The Private Room | Naughty LA

The Private Room


9414 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills

Who wouldn't want to get their hair cut at a salon called The Private Room? It sounds so naughty! This is an intimate place right in the heart of Beverly Hills, but it always feels like it's a world away from the craziness of Hollywood. It has the vibe of an expensive, exclusive boutique, and the fact that it can only deal with a few clients at any one time, adds to that feeling of specialness. They have something naughty sounding called The Bang Station; seven quick styles which can transform your fringe in minutes, and they're all just $20. Also, if you want to treat your girlfriends to a great day out, you can hire this salon for your own exclusive use.

Los Angeles's Sexiest Hair Salons Etude Lounge | Naughty LA

Etude Lounge


3500 W 6th St. Suite 325
Downtown LA

Etude means 'study' in French, but there's nothing bookish about this beautiful salon. It feels more like someone's lounge, with large sofas, elegant French upholstery and a very relaxing color scheme of oatmeal, white and brown. Whether you're waiting for your stylist or you're in the middle of a treatment, the emphasis is on comfort, they really make you feel at home here. They even manage to keep the white tiled floor shiny and spotless, which adds to the fluidity and sexiness of the whole salon. A standout feature is the availabilty of movies and the internet, either on your own device or through the screens at your hair station. Friends can relax in the lounge with refreshments and entertainment, as you get pampered, so everyone's catered for.

~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles - Naughty LA

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