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July - 2018
Naughty Candy Land
Date: 28-Jul-2018

Naughty Candy Land


30 guests attended the Naughty Candy Land party where I turned the game into a life-size game board.

Guests were paired up into teams...each team was trying to finish so they could win naughty toys at the end of the game.

Every time you landed on a square, you had to do something from lose a turn, move ahead or go backwards, to doing something naughty.

There were different sections on the game board from Cupcake Blvd, Candy Cane Lane, Penis Row, Chocolate Alley, Lollipop Forest to Naked Lagoon.

There was a lot for guests to do on each square to keep everyone entertained.

“Naughty “Naughty “Naughty