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August - 2017
Naughty Bus Tour
Date: 19-Aug-2017
Naughty Bus Tour | Naughty Los Angeles

Naughty Bus Tour


Another great bus tour on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out!

  We all met at Hustler Hollywood on Sunset, where they gave a sex toy demo for our group. And some couples bought sex toys and lingerie for Club Joi.  

At 9pm we all boarded the party bus...where we headed to the gorgeous bar and restaurant, Katana. It has an amazing outdoor patio.  

It was part of the tour, because it's an old famous brothel from the 1930s.  

We stayed there for an hour while everyone mingled, had some drinks and food.   

We boarded the bus again and headed to Body Shop...a strip club with a naughty past.   

We went inside for an hour while sexy girls danced on stage, and some people in the group received lap dances.  

We boarded the bus for our 30 minute ride to DTLA to Club Joi.  

On the way to Club Joi, I turned up the music, and guests were dancing while some were getting naughty.  

I even had a contest for 3 girls...whoever was the naughtiest on the bus received a prize.  

We finally arrived at Club Joi around 12am...there was dancing and naughtiness inside...then some guests boarded the bus at 2:30am to head back to Hollywood, where others stayed until the late hours.   

If you want to join one of my naughty events...check out my upcoming events below for September. 

June - 2017
Cheeky Los Angeles Art Work
Date: 26-Jun-2017
Cheeky Los Angeles Art Work | Naughty Los Angeles

Cheeky Los Angeles Art Work

You've got to check out this cheeky art work by San Francisco designer, Grant Young...My Jetsetter Life. Make sure to check out his website below and instagram page here.

Cheeky Los Angeles Art Work | Naughty Los Angeles

He does art work on various cities, but the ones I love are his ones on LA where he has a girl in a bikini at the Andaz in West Hollywood.

I like how he takes venues around LA and makes art work around it with sexy characters.

Cheeky Los Angeles Art Work | Naughty Los Angeles

And he definitely caters to the gay scene, where he has a sexy male on display at The Standard hotel in Hollywood, with a guy who's checking in to the hotel while checking out this hottie on display.

Visit My Jetsetter Life Here

LA Domcon 2017
Date: 20-Jun-2017

LA Domcon 2017

Had a fabulous time to Domcon this year! It's a fetish event in LA that happens once a year. It's from Wednesday to Sunday.

During the day you can attend their conference where they have fetish booths where you can buy naughty items. And they have fetish classes taught by knowledgeable naughty people!

Then at night they have sexy fetish parties from their Play Party on Friday and their Fetish Ball on Saturday.

This year I attended their Friday event as I already had another event for Saturday. Their Saturday event is bigger than the Friday one, just depends if you want a more intimate event or more people. Both are naughty in their own way.

I had a lot of fun as usual and can't wait to attend their event next year. Follow my newsletter to find out when they will be coming to town next year or follow Domcon to learn more.

May - 2017
Tim Burton- Themed Bar in LA
Date: 05-May-2017

Tim Burton-Themed Bar
Opening May 20th in LA!

If you see Jack Skellington strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, don’t be surprised if he won’t pose for a picture: he might headed to Beetle House LA, a new Tim Burton-themed bar opening on May 20.

Zach Neil built the first Beetle House in New York last year and filled it with vintage chandeliers, shrunken heads, and Civil war-era medical equipment. “It’s antiques and relics,” says Neil.

“It’s an unusual oddities parlor.” The Los Angeles edition will be built inside the Prospect Theater, complete with an interactive version of the miniature town where Beetlejuice lives built on the stage.

Read More Here

Naughty Los Angeles Curve Pattern
February - 2017
SHE Expo
Date: 06-Feb-2017

Sienna Sinclaire Attends SHE Expo

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I attended the SHE Expo (Sexual Health Expo) over Super Bowl weekend. This year it was held at the California Market Center in DTLA, up in the penthouse loft. It was a gorgeous, all-white venue.

The event was packed on Saturday, with non Super Bowl fans attending on Sunday. The famous Dr. Ruth made an appearance on Saturday to take photos along with speaking.

Throughout the entire weekend, visitors could take sex classes taught by sexperts all weekend long and learn about threesomes, spanking and much more.

There were also naughty vendors at the expo from sex toy companies offering sex toys for sell, lube companies, fetish toys and much more being offered.

SHE comes once a year to LA, at the beginning of each year. If you haven't been make sure to attend next year as it's a great place to learn more about sexuality and meet like-minded people.

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January - 2017
No Pants Metro
Date: 08-Jan-2017

Sienna Sinclaire Rides the LA Metro
With No Pants

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This is my 2nd year attending the No Pants Metro Ride in Los Angeles. It's an international event with millions traveling on the metro, not wearing any pants. In LA, thousands participated along with members from my Naughty LA group.

It was different this year, where we headed to Santa Monica instead of Hollywood. So everyone met at Union Station and headed to SM. I showed up with a juke box on wheels where I played music, and tons followed me as I was the party! Then I handed out Naughty LA bags and tank tops for free to those who participated. Once we arrived to SM, everyone met at the park to take photos and I had the DollFace Dames perform a sexy act before we all went bar hopping. It was a fun day, can't wait till next year.

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DTLA Weekly Cover
Date: 01-Jan-2017

Sienna Sinclaire Makes Cover of DTLA Weekly

Read Article Here

Sienna Sinclaire was featured on the cover of DTLA for the last issue in December 2016. The newspaper covered Sienna's naughty DTLA tour, where they came on the tour and took notes.

Sienna has a lot of naught things planned for the new year so stay tuned!

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November - 2016
Heaven & Hell Porn Party
Date: 01-Nov-2016

Heaven & Hell Porn Party

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This is my third year that I've attended the AVN & XBIZ! I went dressed up at Maleficent and Naughty LA even sponsored the event with my logo on the red carpet. It was a naughty night out with lots of porn stars in attendance.

If you want to attend one of Naughty LA's naughty events in the future, please click on the link above and join our meetup page. We have one of the largest naughty groups on Meetup...over 5,000 members and growing!


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October - 2016
Women's Expo Los Angeles
Date: 31-Oct-2016

Women's Expo Los Angeles

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It was an amazing time at the Women's Expo in Los Angeles! This year I had two booths for Naughty LA...one was where people came up to receive a FREE Naughty LA tote bags and Naughty Las Vegas book. And the the other booth was where guests could take fun photos in my Naughty LA photo booth, along with burlesque performances throughout the day.

If you missed the expo this year, stay tuned for next year where I will be back...bigger and better!!! If you want to attend one of Naughty LA's naughty events in the future, please click on the link above and join our meetup page. We have one of the largest naughty groups on Meetup...over 5,000 members and growing!

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Naughty 80s Halloween Party
Date: 21-Oct-2016

Naughty 80s Halloween Party

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Naughty LA hosted its annual Halloween party this year on October 21st, Friday with an 80s theme. Guests where encouraged to dress up in 80s attire...the naughtier the better!

There were over 80 guests in attendance along with DJ Ninja who played all the best 80s music all night, sexy performances by Ashley Hayward and The Dollface Dames. There were prizes for Best Couple, Sexiest and Most Original costume.

There were two contests for Air Guitar (sponsored by Rock On Products for their hangover shots) and Air Sex. The Air Sex contest got a little crazy as contestants tried their best to win a bag full of naughty items: pasties, vibrator, lingerie, lube and more.

The party was suppose to last till 2am but ended up getting over at 3am as guests were having too much fun getting naughty in the back room!

If you want to attend one of Naughty LA's naughty events in the future, please click on the link above and join our meetup page. We have one of the largest naughty groups on Meetup...over 5,000 members and growing!

“Naughty “Naughty “Naughty “Naughty “Naughty

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