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Naughty Chocolate Indulgences in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Chocolate Indulgences

As everybody knows, chocolate is one of the world's most potent aphrodisiacs (cacao beans were even used as currency by visitors to ancient Mayan brothels!,) but the reason for this isn't just because chocolate tastes great. There's a very real scientific root to the brown stuff's magical properties, in that it contains a natural chemical which releases and replicates the same feelgood hormone our bodies produce when we have sex.

That's right, chocolate is sex in edible form! And if you needed another great reason to start chomping down on a bar or two, then you'll be pleased to know that chocolate "especially dark chocolate" is very high in antioxidants, more so than traditional sources like green tea or red wine. And there's no naughtier, sexier place to indulge your chocolate fantasies, than in the City of Angels.

Los Angeles is packed full of chocolate-friendly places which can add a sweet and sexy edge to your date nights. So next time you want to do something special with your lover, forget the candelit dinner or a trip to the movies, try something smooth, silky and incredibly erotic - feed your need for chocolate! Check out these events and stores, below, and discover your sweeter side.

Perhaps you can surprise your lover with some handpicked chocolates all ready for an intimate dessert at home, or take him along for an erotic tasting session? Make the most of chocolate's aphrodisiac properties to get yourself in the mood for some sugary fun. And if you're feeling extra kinky, you can visit one of my favorite sex toy stores where you'll find a whole host of naughty chocolates and candies, so you and your lover can be naughty-but-nice in the bedroom later.

Naughty Chocolate Parties in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Naughty Chocolate Parties

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Come to one of Sienna Sinclaire's infamous chocolate parties that she hosts yearly. They are her most popular naughty parties she throws. Limited number of guests (15 women/15 men) show up to a private residence where they are greeted with a delicious display of chocolate desserts and drinks.

After mingling with other party goers, guests are asked to sit around a black mat on cushioned pillows where everyone strips down to lingerie/boxes because it's going to get dirty. Each guest is handed a card with something naughty to do on it. Guests "spin the bottle" to see who goes next and the guest has to get on the black mat and do what their card says...everything has something to do with chocolate. The guest either does it by themselves or they can ask someone to join them.

The games are not only naughty but lots of fun! You can't help but laugh along with someone who's blindfolded, hands tied behind their back while they have a strap-on dildo on their face and have to dip it in a bowl of chocolate then draw on a blank piece of paper. Every game is different for each guest so you never know what you'll see next on the mat. The games are only as naughty as you want them to be!

After the games, guests can head to the hot tub to relax before "playing" in the many bedrooms!

LA Chocolate Salon in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

LA Chocolate Salon


This annual convention is a must-see for any couple looking to indulge their chocolate extravagances. The event is usually held in September at the Pasadena Center. You'll be able to get your sweet tooth into tasting sessions, watch chocolate makers in action, buy chocolate-themed art creations for your home (how sexy is that?) and maybe even get your face on Taste TV, who covers the event. It's impossible not to get turned on by an event such as this.

Everywhere you look, you're surrounded by impossibly gorgeous sugary creations and the aromas are just wow! If you had any doubt as to the aphrodisiac powers of chocolate, the LA Chocolate Salon will soon put you right. The world's best chocolatiers will all be in attendance, from David Bacco and Marco Paolo Chocolates, to Vivian Bomboneria and The Gourmandise School. The guys from Meetup.com are also going to be there, so if you're single and want to meet like-minded chocolate obsessives, get along to the LA Chocolate Salon and enjoy a luxury day of chocolate sin.

Los Angeles Chocolate Festival & Pastry Show | Naughty LA

Indulge LA
Los Angeles Chocolate Festival & Pastry Show


Another decadent day out, this convention features celebrity pastry chefs and chocolatiers who will treat you to mouthwatering cooking demonstrations (yes, you can taste their spoils!.) They also have a fabulous array of wines and spirits on offer, all chosen to compliment the thousands of chocolates on display around you. Names such as Stephane Treand, Jean-Marie Auboine and Shifra Berman will be on hand to answer your questions and let you sample some of their exquisite creations.

It's such a sexy place to visit, just wandering around and indulging your senses with the smells and sights of such gorgeous, erotic chocolate and pastry works of art, should definitely get you and your lover in the mood for some sweet creations of your own afterwards. Indulge LA is usually held every December, so keep an eye on their website for details of the venue and date.

Chocolate Compartes in Los Angeles | Naughty LA



912 S. Barrington Ave.

One of LA's sexiest chocolate shops, walking in here is like walking into an art gallery or high end jewelry store. Everything on sale is handmade right here in LA, using natural organic ingredients. It's a serious chocolate lover's heaven, and the perfect place to bring your lover so you can spoil each other and pick up a few products to enjoy in private, later on.

My favorites include their Love Nuts Gift Tower, the Strawberry & Champagne Truffles and Pina Colada Chocolate Bar. Some of these chocolates are boxed so sexily, you'll find it hard to actually unwrap and eat what's inside. With Easter coming up, try their unique range of sexy chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs, the perfect gift for your lover.

Chocolate Choco Vivo in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

Choco Vivo


12469 W. Washington Blvd.

If you really want to know how powerful the Mayan/Aztec version of chocolate was, then look no further than this sexy Venice chocolate factory. Here, they make chocolate according to ancient recipes, stone ground and not over-processed, so it tastes just like it did 2,000 years ago, and has exactly the same effect on those who eat it - sending paroxysms of pleasure flooding through their veins!

This is a place to come and spend a good couple of hours, relaxing over a cup of iced chocolate, before sampling the Chocolate Tasting Bar or indulging in a chocolate croissant with coconut ice cream. It's a seriously laid-back place, with lots of wooden tables and rusticana, the perfect place to relax with your lover for some morning treats before heading to the beach for the afternoon sun.

You can buy products online from their website for those who don't live in Los Angeles or near Venice. Also, make sure to check out their monthly chocolate events where they pair chocolate with tequila, scotch, movies, speed dating and more.

Naughty Chocolates at The Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles | Naughty LA

The Pleasure Chest


7733 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood

Okay, so this isn't a chocolate shop, but it's a fun place to drop by and pick up some chocolate-themed naughtiness! Take your lover and set yourselves a challenge; to find the sexiest, tastiest, naughtiest chocoolate product to take home and use on each other.

You can get everything here, from chocolate body paint and body pens, to chocolate and white chocolate penis lollipops and candies. An easy, one-stop shop for whenever you need an instant, sweet thrill. You can find their naughty chocolates in their bachelorette section as soon as you walk in to the left or visit their online store.

~ Sienna Sinclaire - Naughty Girl of Los Angeles

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